Undying Adds Endless Survival Mode & Zombie Hordes

Skystone Games revealed the latest update for Undying this week as they have added two new modes while it still sits in Early Access. The update adds in Survival Mode, which will have you trying to complete the game in 30 days' time, and Zombie Hordes, which will have you dealing with the undead in waves. Both of which are going to test your survival skills in different ways as you'll have to compensate for the impending doom with both modes. The game was also given a boost to the overall story, so for those of you who thought it might be lacking, you now have a bit more to work with the next time you replay it.

Undying Adds Endless Survival Mode & Zombie Hordes
Credit: Skystone Games

Survival Mode – Unlocked after players complete Day 30 in the main game, Survival mode plays quite a bit differently as it allows Anling and Cody to last as long as they can in the game world, and deemphasizes the story content. In short, it's all about survival and thriving in the zombie apocalypse. If you die, there's no continuing either – how far can you make it in this endless game mode

Zombie Hordes – We've added a new, and terrifying zombie mechanic – the zombie hordes. You won't want to try taking these on and instead must find a way to escape before you're overwhelmed. These hordes add a sense of tension and fear to an already troubling world.

More Story – We're suggesting that our players head to the Farm and the Survivor's Camp to see how the story of Anling and Cody evolves in this latest update. No spoilers!

AMD FSR – On the technical side of things, Undying now supports AMD FSR, which will help improve performance by 10-30% on low-end devices. Integrated, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics cards are all affected. Now more people can enjoy Undying on whatever system they want!

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