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Undying Adds Endless Survival Mode & Zombie Hordes
Skystone Games revealed the latest update for Undying this week as they have added two new modes while it still sits in Early Access The update adds in Survival Mode, which will have you trying to complete the game in 30 days' time, and Zombie Hordes, which will have you dealing with the undead in[...]
Skystone Reveals Two New Games With Boundary & The Last Friend
Skystone Games revealed two new games on the way from them for 2021 as they unveiled Boundary and The Last Friend We shape proper info on both games below, but the shorthand for both is that Boundry is the latest from developer Surgical Scalpels asd they have created a gravity-defying shooter Meanwhile, Stonebot Studios have[...]
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A new studio has been announced this morning as David Brevik and Bill Wang have officially launched Skystone Games The two industry veterans have decided to mesh their combined talents and experience into a new company and revealed two new games on the way with Undying from Vanimals, and Spaceline Crew from Coffeenauts Not much[...]