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Vampire Survivors Releases New Orchestral Making-Of Video

Check out the latest video for Vampire Survivors as the team is promoting the game's soundtrack as you get to watch it being recorded.

Indie game developer and publisher Poncle has released a new video giving a behind-the-scenes look at the orchestral recording for Vampire Survivors. The team has released a brand new downloadable soundtrack on Steam for a while $3, and as part of the promotion for the album, they posted a new blog (which you can read most of it below) and a video showing them recording it. Enjoy the video as you can snag the soundtrack right now!

Vampire Survivors Releases New Orchestral Making-Of Video
Credit: Poncle

"As many of you who have been following Vampire Survivors from the beginning know, the soundtrack has always been a super important part of the game (yes, even more important than the story 😜 ).
During Early Access I would often receive a track from our main composers and musicians, Daniele and Filippo, and use it to get myself in the right mindset while building new parts of VS. The game wouldn't be what it is today without its music. That's why it's especially cool that we could work with a full, fancy, proper orchestra to record the soundtrack for Tides of the Foscari. Today, we released a video from the recording, and we hope you enjoy it!"

"If an orchestra is not your style, the infamous kazoo tracks are available in the OST on Steam and on our Youtube channel! We're working to put everything on Spotify and streaming services in general, unfortunately it's taking forever as we're still juggling a thousand different things. The orchestra recording is by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra (they also worked on films like Parasite and Get Out and games like Injustice 2). The recordings took place over six hours of recording sessions with a total of 76 musicians, and the largest session involved a 56-piece orchestra. It was honestly pretty moving and impressive to see melodies from our little game performed like that. A huge thanks to all of you for allowing us to go nuts by hiring an orchestra, but also allow us to indulge in having some fun with some silly kazoo tracks at the same time!"

"We have also been asked a few times if there is a way to get the soundtrack for the DLCs, and yes, there is: we actually expand the Vampire Survivors soundtrack on Steam every time we add new music tracks to the game for free. So, if you own the soundtrack, you should always have all the new tracks too."

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