Become a Cat, Riding A Fire Breathing Unicorn In New Trials Fusion: Awesome Max Edition Trailer

Trials Fusion is a great game. There is a surprising amount of fun to be had with the simple concept of keeping your bike upright as you go through a 2.5D obstacle course. It really is a fun and neat little series. If you've not tried it, I suggest giving it a go.

If you don't have any version of the game, you should consider the Trials Fusion: Awesome Max Edition. This brings you all the DLC for the game, giving you a ton of content to jump into, including 188 maps in total. It's pretty cool just how elaborate some of these courses are and how far this idea has been pushed.

Oh. and you can now play as a cat wielding a gun, on top of a fire breathing unicorn. I think this is trying way to hard to be cool on the internet, but you know, if it plays fun, it plays fun. Check it out:

That game is out this Friday.