BioWare Almost Confirms Existence of Dragon Age 4

BioWare Almost Confirms Existence of Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age

Every time BioWare talks about Anthem and its lack of usual BioWare features, players start panicking about Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect and what Anthem could mean for them. While Producer Mark Darrah spent a lot of time at PAX West last week talking about how Anthem isn't Mass Effet or Dragon Age, fans took to twitter to ask questions about how Anthem's multiplayer structure, lack of NPC companions following you on missions, and veritable dearth of romance options might affect DA or Mass Effect.

Apparently the deluge of fans asking about how BioWare's new IP would affect Dragon Age 4 was so extensive, BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson hopped on twitter to set the record straight. And may have accidentally let something slip while doing so.

Now, you might recall that the official partyline on Dragon Age 4 has always been "its not a thing yet" despite some very obvious hints about the fact that the game is in the works. The closest we got was a confirmation that any announcements about Dragon Age 4 would have to wait until Anthem shipped.

And sure, Hudson didn't straight out say that we are getting another Dragon Age, but he did say "when" and not "if." Which is something of a first for key BioWare staff.

So we're going to add Hudson's "When we do a Dragon Age game" as the closest we're going to get to an official confirmation at this point. Which basically means that Dragon Age 4 is the worst kept secret in games development right now.

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