Bungie Explain Why Fan Favorite Destiny Weapons Are Being Nerfed

gjallarhorn2One of the big controversies in Destiny of late is the news that fan favorite weapons like Gjallarhorn and Thorn as getting nerfed for the Taken King. This is a big deal for players, as many have clung to these weapons religiously since launch.

Speaking to IGN (via GameSpot) at Gamescom, Destiny community manager David "Deej" Dague explained the decision and why this is absolutely a good thing for the broader community.

This is the challenge for us, to create things that you always want to do. . . . We want to give you new things to experience all the time, new places to go, new ways to upgrade your Guardian, new enemies to fight, new weapons to use, new subclasses to master. The act of playing Destiny is all about evolving your character. And using the same weapons for the next decade wasn't really part of that vision.

Our goal as developers is to keep you guessing, to keep you thinking about, 'I'm going into this tactical scenario, what am I going to equip?' And if Gjallarhorn is an obvious choice, then we'd like to provoke you to think a little bit more about your loadout.

As a big player of Destiny, this sounds perfect. If everyone was still using Gjallarhorn for every situation during the upcoming Destiny games, I'd be pretty disappointed. The game has made some gorgeous weapons, and relegating most of them to the sideline in favour for the easiest tactic is a shame. Hopefully The Taken King reinvigorates the things.