Crystal Dynamics Has Bolstered Production on Their Avengers Project With New Staff Additions

It's been announced that Crystal Dynamics has increased its team to work on Square Enix's Avengers project, including many veteran developers.


The Square Enix Avengers game has been a bit quiet for the last year or so. Since its announcement, it's pretty much been MIA on all fronts, presumably as Crystal Dynamics get the project on its feet. It seems that production is about to speed up quite intensely though as the game has just added some very key players to the team.

It's been announced that "15 top industry talent" were added to the game just in January alone. Chief amongst those is Uncharted: The Lost Legacy creative director Shaun Escayg. We'd reported on this likely happening a few weeks ago, but it's good to get confirmation. Escayg is going to serve as the creative director on the game. On top of this, a Director of Production has been found in Stephen Barry, who has worked across EA, and especially Visceral Games titles.

The hope here for us, the audience, is that this means production is chugging along. The game isn't expected for some time, but it certainly would be good to see the game in some form in the nearer future. If for nothing else but just to give us an idea of what kind of games this is. Thus far details on all fronts about the project have been pretty schtum. Perhaps the upcoming E3 could bear some fruits? Maybe that is too early, but we can dream.