Far Cry 5 Gets Live Action Trailer Diving Into Its Creepy Antagonist

Ubisoft has released a new live-action trailer for Far Cry 5 which goes into the history of the game's main villain, Joseph Seed.

Far cry 5

The Far Cry 5 marketing has been a bit up and down in terms of tone. From the more silly, to the more serious, Ubisoft has been yo-yoing between showing off the more frivolous and funny nature of the series, as well as the potentially pretty serious tale of a religious cult in mid-West America. It means it's not been entirely clear what the tone of the game is, but it is certainly peaking interest as people want to figure out exactly what this thing is.

This newest trailer is certainly on the more serious side. It shows actor Greg Bryk taking on the role he plays in the game as 'The Father', or Joseph Seed. Far Cry has become known for its flashy and sadistic villains, and this doesn't seem to have changed here. The trailer, rather disconnectedly, goes over the life of Seed and gives hints as to how he becomes what he becomes. There is obviously a lot more to the story not being told here, but it is definitely a neat little watch. Take a look:


I hope both Seed and Far Cry 5 can find their identity when the game comes out. It's hard to gauge how this title is going to turn out and how viciously it will go in on its potentially poignant subject matter, but I am rooting for it. Also, having an exciting new villain could go a long way here. It's pretty clear that Bryk is going for it so hopefully, that comes across in game.