Five Nights At Freddy's Creator Admits New Game Came Out Too Early


FNaF's World came out a couple weeks before it's initial February 19th release date, stealthily releasing earlier this week. This is something that Five Night's at Freddy's creator Shawn Cawthon has been known too do from time to time. It seems he may have overstretched himself this time though.

In a letter to fans on the game's Steam profile, Cawthorn admitted that key features were missing from the game. He goes on to say that the things that the RPG are missing, will be added in the next few weeks.

Hi everyone.

This isn't exactly an announcement that I'm enjoying writing, but it's one that I feel I owe to the community.

You know, I've been accused of rushing my games ever since FNaF 1, but I've never felt that I'd released a game too early… until now.

There are a lot of features that this game should have had before release, features that I was told about, but ignored and didn't implement. Features such as being able to see what abilities do during battle, or being able to see a stats page for your characters. These are features that any good RPG would have.

I got too eager to show the things that were finished, that I neglected to pay attention to the things that weren't.

I'm going to fix this, and I'll be updated the game with these features in the coming weeks.

So I say this to a community that I've enjoyed and respected for over a year and a half now – I'm sorry. I will continue to add features to the game and make it right.

Here is a list of the features added to the game since the time of this post, and there will be more to come.

-Overworld map (press and hold TAB)
-Attack command descriptions
-Byte descriptions (when in Byte store)
-Chip descriptions in the Chips menu

I like Cawthon, so this isn't great to see. A developer putting a game out early with missing features, when the release date was set for a few weeks afterwards is a pretty big oversight. I hope this is sorted out with the coming few weeks.