Geoff Keighley Talks About Revealing That Konami Blocked Kojima's Game Award Attendance


One of the real highlights of of the Game Awards was host Geoff Keighley throwing Konami under a bus by revealing to the world that the company had stopped Hideo Kojima attending the show and picking up his award. In was unexpected, but a great movie by Keighley.

Speaking in a recent Reddit AMA, the host revealed how he came to the decision to reveal it and what went into that section being aired. Specifically on why he did it, Keighley said:

It just broke my heart that he couldn't be with us – something had to be said. I didn't tell anyone on the show team what I was going to say and it wasn't rehearsed.

On when he knew about it the situation, he replied:

We found out in advance, but there was an ongoing dialogue for quite a while. Hideo did watch the show in Tokyo and enjoyed it -just wish he could have been with us.

It really is a messed up situation, but again, well done to Keighley for stepping up and revealing the terms of Kojima's absence.

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