God Of War Is A Narrative Sequel Following Kratos Many Years After God Of War 3


With a name of simply God of War and a stroll through Norse mythology, I thought that this game might be a total reboot for the series, at least from a narrative point of view.

Not so it would seem. During a YouTube Live interview, Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog confirmed that the game does indeed star Kratos, and that it is on the same timeline. He said:

The main thing we're doing is we're reimagining the gameplay, kind of tearing it down, rebuilding it from scratch, and continuing the storyline. We're carrying the mythology we've created with God of War and bringing it into Norse mythology.

The game looks like it is going to play completely differently to others in the series, and I am quite fascinated to see how this continues. Seeing how Kratos kind of mellowed out will be a treat if handled right.