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god of war
The steelbook edition of God of War comes with a bit of runic text printed on the side. Many fans probably wondered what exactly the runes meant, and now we know. And the text is a poetic flourish that hints at the game's main plot.
God of War
Tribeca Film Festival scaled back their video games offerings a tad this year. Rather than a full day of panels and keynote speeches by notable game directors, this year will focus on three games- Shadow of the Tomb Raider, God of War, and League of Legends.
God of War
Pretty much every single human who plays video games even casually is talking about God of War, waiting for that counter to tick down. Many sites and publications have already released their reviews for the game, so you’ve got to be asking: how could Bleeding Cool ignore this?
God Of War Developer Says The Game Is Playable Start To Finish Now
Answering a fan on Twitter who had given up on news, director Cory Barlog said not only is the game still coming, but that developer Sony Santa Monica had just completed their first ever run through from beginning to end. @filthy_mortze ha no…there is a whole game here Just finished first full play through with the[...]
God Of War Is A Narrative Sequel Following Kratos Many Years After God Of War 3
During a YouTube Live interview, Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog confirmed that the game does indeed star Kratos, and that it is on the same timeline He said: The main thing we're doing is we're reimagining the gameplay, kind of tearing it down, rebuilding it from scratch, and continuing the storyline[...]
God Of War 4 Could Be Based On Norse Mythology
This all started when serial leaker Shinobi tweeted this out: …to the halls of Valhalla. My boy.#GodofWar4 — shinobi602 (@shinobi602) April 4, 2016 This was then explored further by NerdLeaks, who found a bunch of concept art on ex-Sony Santa Monica artist Finnian MacManus. As noted by Destructoid though, images are disappearing from the site, NerdLeaks and other places[...]