Hideo Kojima's Name Has Been Removed From The Metal Gear Solid 5's Box

'A Hideo Kojima Game' has been a key part of the masthead of any game the developer has directed for a long time now. Kojima clearly enjoys his position as an out there auteur and he is one of the few who really could demand such an authority over a single game.

It seems that, at least where Konami is concerned, that won't be the case with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Since their secretive break up, Kojima's name has been slowly removed from various parts of the company, but now we know the box for the game won't feature his name either. As IGN point out, the developers name has been removed from the cover.


This is hardly surprising given the recent history, but it further suggests the bad blood between the two parties. I hope one day we find out what really happened here.