HTC VIVE Launches In April For $799

Well, here is the second domino.

The next big consumer VR headset is about to open up its pre-orders, and key details have come out today. It's been announced that the Valve backed, HTC Vive will launch in early April to the tune of $799. This might seem high, but this isn't just the headset. Alongside that you will get two hefty motion controllers, a pair of Vive base stations, a Vive Link Box, and some ear buds. This is all because the Vive has a focus on your room, and being able to move around a physical space, so it has to track your actual movements on top of just sitting on your face.

Pre-orders open February 29th, so you got a week to decide if you can squirrel away the cash.

Vive was always meant to be the 'expensive' one of the three big high end headsets (along with the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.), with some estimates putting it at over $1000. In a lot of circles, this is actually looking "cheap" to some. As a guy who has played with it, and was totally fascinated by the experience, this price range fits for me. I might even decide to take the plunge myself. Maybe…

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