Jay And Silent Bob Mall Brawl Will Be Released Next Week

Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse is coming to a game console near you next week with Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl. Interabang Entertainment revealed today that the iconic indie-movie icons are starring in their own 16-bit video game, centered around the 1995 film, and serves as a companion title to the Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch game. The game will be available through the Nintendo eShop as well as Steam for $15. What's more, Limited Run Games will be making this special NES physical edition you see below. They currently have a few different versions to choose from, depending on how much cash you'd like to spend. Enjoy the trailer for the game below as it will be released on May 7th, 2020.

Jay & Silent Bob Mall Brawl
Credit: Interabang Entertainment

Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl is a companion and prequel to Interabang Entertainment's Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch which is currently in development. Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl was conceived as a free digital bonus game for backers of the Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch crowdfunding campaign and available for fans who want to pre-order the deluxe edition of Chronic Blunt Punch. The two hetero life mates are hunted by chief rent-a-cop and his off duty officers.   Players pummel enemies with hard-hitting combos, dash attacks, and elbow drops along with a random assortment of weapons as they battle their way out of the mall.  The game features two player co-op action with an 8-bit aesthetic and gameplay style similar to action brawlers on the Nintendo Entertainment Systems, particularly inspired by River City Ransom and Double Dragon II, with contemporary game play mechanics. Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl includes a rogues gallery of enemies from Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse and a crisp original chiptune soundtrack

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