Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Base Defence Mode Has Microtransactions

Metal Gear Solid 5What about those Metal Gear Solid V reviews, huh? If you hadn't noticed, several perfect scores have been flying towards the game in lieu of the embargo being up last night. (our review will come at a later date)

So lets put a downer on this party. As GameSpot reports, it seems that Metal Gear Solid V has a microtransaction system in their base defence mode called FOB. Players will be able to purchase MB Coins, which you will be able to use to purchase goods, meaning that aspects of the PVP mode can be purchased with real money. You'll even have to spend them to unlock the mode initially.

Senior producer at Konami, Kin-ichiro Imaizumi, has come out and said that money is earnable in game, meaning you'll be able to get these rewards through enough game time in theory.

Right now, it's impossible to say how egregious this is, and hopefully it isn't so bad. It seemed like fun mode and locking it behind a pay well would be bad news.