Metal Gear Survive Trailer Shows off a 5-Minute Overview of Everything You'll Be Doing in Game

Metal Gear Survive has gotten a new trailer showing off all sort of stuff in the game, from base building to story content

Metal Gear Survive

As posted by IGN on YouTube, the game's five-minute trailer acts as an overview of the entire title. It's all a bit scattershot, but it starts with how it ties into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, moves into the alternate reality world you end up travelling to, the enemies you will face, the sneaking you'll do, the crafting you'll take on and the base building mechanic to go with it. You can take a look here:

As Konami has begun to reveal this project, allowing us to see what this game actually is, it really is quite bizarre, but maybe not in an entirely terrible way. The combination of 'zombie crafting game' is probably the safest of buzzwords in games (well, maybe in 2016 before 'Battle Royale' flew up the charts), but in the context of Metal Gear Solid, it's very strange indeed. And strange isn't something a lot of AAA games do. For that, I'm kind of fascinated about what this thing will end up being, so in a lot of ways, I suppose I'm genuinely interested in Metal Gear Survive. That is a turn up for the books.