Mother Russia Bleeds Launch Trailer Is A Truly Gnarly Animation

Mother Russia Bleeds has just launched, and it's a game that is already leaving some peoplea little off kilter. The gtitle is a Streets of Rage 2-ish retro style game, only way more nasty, gritty and gnarly.

To celebrate the game launching, this new animation for the title has just hit giving a pretty good mood piece for the game. It is truely gruesome, but pretty well conveys the attitude the game is toying with.

While I don't normally quote from a press release, Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker sumed it up pretty nicely saying:

It's true that Mother Russia Bleeds is so violent it makes you nauseous, but on the plus side the game lets you beat down drug-dealing baddies with so much stuff – your fists, telephone poles, other people's heads, toilets, toilet paper, fire extinguishers, motorcycles, chainsaws, and an accordion. That's art right there, nerds.

You can check it out here. And for real, this probably isn't safe for work. It's really nasty: