Resident Evil 7 Is Going To Be At E3 And Go Back To Roots Says Insider


Resident Evil as a game series has been in a bit of a rut for a while now. Resident Evil 6 was a jumbled mess and the only bits of good will the franchise has garnered recently is in its remakes.

However, it seems that the franchise might be ready to rear its head again rather soon, plus it might be going back to what made the franchise great. According to Japanese analyst Serkan Toto, the series is going to reappear at E3, and it's somewhat rebooting the series. On top of that, it also has brought on board 'Jordan Amaro, a designer who previously worked on MGS V and P. T'

This would be a welcome return. The majority of what I have seen is fans asking to go back to that original Resident Evil, so if this turns out true, it would be great to see Capcom listening.

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