Starcraft 2 Gets A Cinematic Trailer And Release Date

Blizzard are known for their exuberant cinematic trailers at this point. Ever since they've been able to, they infuse their games with stunning cutscenes and especially love their pre-release ultra high quality story trailer. I remember being mesmerised by World of Warcraft's before it came out.

Well, now it's Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void's turn to get one of those, and unsurprisingly, it is gorgeous. It shows the Protoss going toe to toe with the Zerg, in a pretty well put together battle sequence. Take a look:

The expansion also got a release date of November 10th 2015, meaning that you won't have to wait too long Star Craft players. That means that the already busy November is going to continue to get busy, for everyone else though.