You Can Buy FOB Insurance In Metal Gear Solid V Now

metal gearWhat a strange world the games industry can be.

In news today, it was announced that Konami are incorporating insurance in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to protect your FOB bases from getting their resources stolen. That has been a big annoyance to a lot of players, who have not wanted any part of the FOB mode, but can't help their stuff getting nabbed. The micro-transaction supported mode, encourages players to spend real money to get more bases and house more resources, which in turn can get stolen from players. So insurance is a good idea, yeah?

Well, the kicker about the insurance is that you'll probably have to spend real life money to get it. The way it works is if you get things stolen, it will be replaced with identical resources. The absurdity comes from the idea that you might have to pay real money for Insurance in a game to protect the bases you spent real money on acquiring.

According to NeoGAF (via VG247), the pricing breaks down like this. Bare in mind £8 will net you £8 1,150 MB Coins.

  • 50 MB coins – one day coverage
  • 100 MB coins – three day coverage
  • 200 MB coins – seven day coverage
  • 300 MB coins – fourteen day coverage

Worth noting that you can earn MB Coins in the game, but the trickle is slow. Also, if you do end up buying insurance, this pricing means it won't actually cost much…but still. This is a very odd addition to the game, that hasn't gone over so well with fans.

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