Warframe Releases Newly Revised Corpus Proxima & Railjack Update

Digital Extremes has released a ton of new content into Warframe today as we get the revised Corpus Proxima and the Railjack update. We have the full notes for you down below as to what this will mean for the game, as well as a couple of videos from the company showing off what can be done. But the shorthand is that Tenno can earn everything for free in this new update, or they can jump into the action and save time by purchasing Railjack in-game through three bundle tiers. That includes the Railjack, Crew Slots, Nautilus Sentinel, and Nautilus Sentinel accessories immediately at your fingertips. We always recommend going it the free route, especially if you're good enough to earn it. best of luck to all of you getting these new items.

If you're good at something, don't worry about paying for it, just earn it. Courtesy of Digital Extremes.
If you're good at something, don't worry about paying for it, just earn it. Courtesy of Digital Extremes.

Build, Board and Battle 

Re-worked to embody the core Warframe experience, every aspect of Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack's redesign is renovated and simplified for less grind and less reliance on matchmaking. Now, all players can enjoy building their personal Railjacks, boarding Corpus Capital ships to sabotage from within, or annihilating them with an arsenal of new ordnance. Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack embraces epic spaceship battles more than ever, with integrated new gameplay modes interwoven with core, familiar gameplay. Tenno can still rely on their favorite Archwing Slingshot to board and pilot enemy ships, and collect, fight and explore in their battleship. But Railjack missions now unite classic Warframe gameplay with Railjack battles, core reward loops, and even hardcore mech gameplay.

New Warframe Modes, Expanded Gameplay

By introducing the heavy guns of Necramech gameplay into Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack, players will experience a new sense of variety, surprise, and powerful artillery to crush Corpus forces into oblivion. With the expansion of Orphix mode (introduced in the Orphix Venom Event late last year) into space battles, players can now board enemy ships and take down sentient invaders using Operators and their devastating Necramechs. By weaving in familiar gameplay elements in a new way, players can now hunt and collect valuable Arcanes to boost their Warframes instead of earning currency, and crack relics to unlock Warframes and for the first time, Warframe Primes, such as Ash Prime! And blending even more variety into Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack, the all new mission "Volatile" invites players to take on the ultimate challenge — to sabotage the biggest enemy threat, the Corpus Capital ship! Help Cephalon Cy from the inside to create a Reactor failure while fighting off enemy engineers bent on your destruction. This is just the beginning of a slew of new content with more to come!

New Intrinsics and Avionics

The re-worked, improved Command Intrinsics give battle-ready Tenno more control, more gametime, and less waiting around. Command your own NPC crew by recruiting, leveling up, customizing and commanding AI. Similarly, the newly reworked Avionics System shifts power from the ship to the individual player using the Harness System, so players use their individual skills and powers, as well as squad-wide buffs, to customize their Railjack crews for more control and deadlier firefights.

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