Wargaming Raises $114k To Support Military Veterans

Wargaming, the maker of titles such as World Of Tanks and World Of Warships, announced their final total for Operation Lifeboat. The company partnered up with Stack Up, which is a nonprofit supporting veterans through gaming, to create the campaign. This morning they have announced they have raised $114,760 in the five-week campaign to help military veterans in need of mental health support. Which exceeds their initial goal of $100k. The amount raised by Operation Lifeboat will help fund and endure around-the-clock access to counselors for more than a calendar year. On top of this, to further support veterans and active-duty service members, the company will also embed a link within World of Warships for gamers to connect directly to a trained Stack Up mental-health support volunteer. According to the numbers, over 5,000 World of Warships players participated by purchasing 5,385 special in-game bundles, priced from $12 to $30, gave players special missions, exclusive items, and permanent power-ups within the game. 100% of the sales of the limited-edition bundles will be donated to Stack Up's Overwatch Program (StOP). Here are a couple of quotes and a video presentation from both organizations.

Operation Lifeboat raised over $114k to help veterans, courtesy of Wargaming.
Operation Lifeboat raised over $114k to help veterans, courtesy of Wargaming.

"This is a difficult time for the world and yet our World of Warships community recognizes the value of what Stack Up provides which is needed now more than ever," said Artur Plociennik, Regional Publishing Director of World of Warships. "The fact that it only took a few weeks to meet – and exceed – our initial objectives is really gratifying for us. We know a lot of our players are current and former service members, and we are hopeful that the in-game link to Stack Up will make it easier for them to reach out and get support."

"Wargaming's decision to put a link inside World of Warships directing veterans to get the help they need is the first in what could be an amazingly beneficial trend in the online gaming community," Machuga said. "This could start a new way of providing veterans the mental-health support they need in a space where they feel comfortable — in the comfort of their own homes playing video games."

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