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We Recap Everything Shown At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

We got a ton of game announcements during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, as several VR titles are on the way to the platform.

Today was a major deal for VR fans as the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase took place, showing off multiple titles on the way to the platform. The company made 25 different announcements today, some being full-on presentations and others just simple teasers that will be revealed at someone else's showcase in a week or so. But in any case, VR fans have a lot to look forward to in the months to come. We have the full rundown of everything shown, with notes from Facebook on each one, as well as the full presentation below.

We Recap Everything Shown At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
Credit: Facebook

Asgard's Wrath 2

It's real, and it's coming later this year to both Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest 2. Mat Kraemer, Studio Creative Director at Sanzaru, went deep on Asgard's Wrath 2 during the Showcase, and we've written a full recap if you want to dig into all the details. But the short version? Freed from the prison where you ended the original Asgard's Wrath, you'll pursue Loki across time and space—and indeed, outside the Nine Realms, to the deserts of Ancient Egypt and beyond. Explore the Great Sand Sea, a vast environment that's unlike anything else seen in standalone VR to-date. Uncover lost treasures, battle gods and monsters, and use your growing powers at both human- and god-scale to help would-be heroes enter the realm of legends. Like its predecessor, Asgard's Wrath 2 is an expansive and immersive RPG packed with over 60 hours of cinematic storytelling, exploration, and tense combat.

Samba de Amigo

Get ready to shake your maracas when Samba de Amigo comes to VR this fall. Colorful and cute, SEGA's original Samba de Amigo rhythm game became a phenomenon when it hit arcades in 1999—and became one of the best reasons to own a Sega Dreamcast a year later. Now, more than two decades later, an all-new entry in the Samba de Amigo series feels like a natural fit for VR. Dance along to hit songs from the world's top genres with your monkey-friend Amigo, strike a pose or two, and make your day a little brighter.

I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine

Ready for a third helping of spy-jinks? Schell Games is bringing I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine to the Meta Quest Store later this year. How did you survive the events of I Expect You To Die 2, Agent? Unclear, at the moment. But the evil Dr. Zor has a dastardly new scheme, and it's up to you and your incredible (or not-so-incredible) espionage skills to stop him. Worse, there's a new villain to contend with—one who's more clever than you can imagine. Expect your skills to be put to the test—and yes, expect to die a few more times—as you travel to dangerous new locales to unravel these dual threats.

Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire

But wait, there's more. At last year's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Schell Games announced that it was working on three games. Today we got a glimpse of a new one, Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire. Stealth is key to survival here—or as Schell Games puts it, "Silence is golden. Sound is death." Come face to face with vampires in this scary singleplayer horror game, and try to stake them before they wake. Don't be gentle!


When we asked Racket: Nx developer One Hamsa, "What's something players will love about your new game?," they said, "You can lose an arm, then pick it back up and bash your enemies with it." There you go. Underdogs is a futuristic physics-based brawler set in the 22nd century mech-fighting capital of the world, New Brakka. Enter the notorious New Brakka fighting pits in your five-ton Gorilla Mech and prepare to smash, punch, and tear your way through whatever foes the pitmasters throw your way. Win, and you can upgrade your mech to be even more fearsome—gear up with 100+ items including power tools like chainsaws and wrecking balls. There's more to life in New Brakka than the pits, though. Hire hackers and saboteurs, hustle and deal with the gangsters and psychos that run these streets, as you fight your way up the food chain to the deafening roars of the blood thirsty crowds.

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Credit: nDreams

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord

Who is the Ghost Lord? Why is he in San Francisco? Why is he obsessed with the Ghostbusters? With this new story trailer for Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, Sony Pictures VR and nDreams took us on a journey into the mind of a madman. Witness the descent of Gustav Hookfaber—once a promising young scientist, now a supervillain driven to unleash the true potential of untapped spectral energy. Today's trailer features several hidden easter eggs tied to the Ghostbuters universe—can you find them all? It also showed a glimpse of the new Ghostbusters HQ in San Francisco, where players will gear up to bust ghosts, either solo or as a team with up to three friends across an extensive and engrossing campaign.


At last year's Showcase we revealed NFL PRO ERA, the first-ever NFL and NFLPA-licensed VR football sim. A few stats for you: Since it launched last fall, you've completed over three million NFL seasons and unlocked over nine million trophies. But that's just the beginning. StatusPRO President and Co-founder and former NFL wide receiver Andrew "Hawk" Hawkins showed up at this year's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase to talk about the next evolution of NFL PRO ERA. This year's game is more than just a roster update—expect an expanded focus on multiplayer, new modes, new features, and more.

Racket Club

Lather on the sunscreen, throw a sweatband on your arm, and get ready to spend your days at Racket Club. Announced in December by Blaston and Demeo developer Resolution Games, Racket Club features a brand-new, built-for-VR racket sport. Perfect your skills in single-player mode, or hop online and play pickup games with people around the world. And when you need a break? Hang out and socialize courtside in between matches at this one-of-a-kind sports complex.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice

From Fast Travel Games, developer of the acclaimed Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife, comes a brand new adventure-RPG set in the World of Darkness. In Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice you'll explore Venice—but not the Venice you see on postcards. You're a vampire, at home in the shadows. Pass judgment on the guilty in a gritty narrative that will show you the dark side of Venice's picturesque canals and Renaissance-era buildings. Take advantage of superhuman abilities to help you take down targets, drinking the blood of both mortals and other vampires.

Dungeons of Eternity

As the name suggests, Othergate's Dungeons of Eternity is an adventure with no end. The titular dungeons are randomly generated from hundreds of unique Chambers. Explore ominous crypts, crumbling castles, dark caverns, and more, either solo or with friends (up to three players total). Overcome enemies, puzzles, and traps as you delve deeper, grabbing as much treasure and gear as you can while still escaping with your life. A wide variety of weapons gives you and your crew plenty of options for dealing with skeletons, scorpions, and more, using realistic physics-based combat that should make you feel every sword swing and desperate parry.

We Recap Everything Shown At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
Credit: Vertigo Games

The 7th Guest

"This is a harmless little party," or is it? It's been nearly three decades since players first stepped foot in Henry Stauf's haunted mansion for The 7th Guest. Now, the legendary adventure game that ushered in the CD-ROM era is being reborn for VR, courtesy of Vertigo Games. The team is using volumetric video capture to recreate the FMV (full-motion video) storytelling of the original game, bringing the classic adventure to life like never before. And for the first time ever, the iconic mansion is being recreated in full 3D—though don't be surprised if it starts shifting around you. After all, it's haunted. Spooky but never gory, The 7th Guest is like a thrilling amusement park ride you can experience at home, packed with puzzles that pay homage to the original point-and-click adventure while taking full advantage of VR. Add it to your wishlist today and get ready to step back into the past.

Arizona Sunshine 2

Maybe you heard last week: Vertigo Games is also working on Arizona Sunshine 2, a sequel to one of the most beloved games from VR's early days. Check out the reveal if you haven't already—this is one we've been waiting to see for a long time. Today, Vertigo revealed that the wastes will be a little less lonely this time around. Yes, post-apocalyptic Arizona is still post-apocalyptic Arizona. It's dusty and it's full of zombies. But you'll be fighting through it side-by-side with your new friend Buddy, your canine companion who will have your back even when freddies (the zombies) are trying to take a bite out of it. In this post-apocalyptic world, every bullet counts. Experience the thrill of realistic combat as you wield all-new and fan-favorite weapons—including (for the first time) melee weapons that will challenge you to get up-close-and-personal with freddy like never before.

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable

Attack on Titan is a best-selling manga series, acclaimed anime adaptation, and now—thanks to the team at UNIVRS—an exhilarating VR game. Teased late last year, today we got our first look at Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable. Strap into your ODM (omni-directional mobility) gear and prepare to protect your homeland. Use your wits and your reflexes to take down killer titans many times your size, with dynamic combat that's like nothing you've ever played in VR. The more you take down, the harder the battles will become. Will you make it to the final battle? Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable will have both singleplayer and co-op modes, and will launch in both Japanese and English, subbed and dubbed.


Back in 2011, Bulletstorm introduced the world to the "Skillshot." Kick an enemy into a cactus? Skillshot. Crush one under a hot dog cart? Skillshot. Grab one with your Energy Leash and fling 'em into a burner? Definitely a skill shot. Today, People Can Fly and Incuvo (developer of Green Hell VR) announced they're bringing Bulletstorm to the Meta Quest Store. Skillshots new and old, as well as the action-packed story—all of it recreated from the ground up to take advantage of VR.

We Recap Everything Shown At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things VR

Last November, Netflix and Tender Claws (Virtual Virtual Reality, The Under Presents) revealed that they were bringing hit series Stranger Things to VR. They also revealed that you'd be playing as Vecna. Yes, Vecna, the embodiment of evil. Hopefully, you're comfortable in the Upside Down, because you'll be spending some time there, invading people's minds and conjuring up their worst nightmares as you look to take revenge on Eleven and crew.

Assassin's Creed Nexus VR

Last but certainly not least, Ubisoft announced during today's Showcase that it's bringing Assassin's Creed Nexus to the Meta Quest Store later this year. You'll have to wait just a bit longer for details, though.

PowerWash Simulator VR

Yes, you've all been waiting for it! The super-soothing hit title PowerWash Simulator VR is coming to Meta Quest 2 + Pro. And what a relief, right? Blasting away muck and making everything sparkling clean is something we never knew we wanted. It's the perfect game to unwind at the end of a long day. PowerWash Simulator has been a major hit with players since it first launched in Early Access on Steam in 2021. With it finally coming to VR, get ready to experience satisfaction in a whole new dimension. Grab that high-pressure hose and start blasting dirt off cars, playgrounds, ferris wheels, and…well, we won't spoil the rest. Oh, and keep an eye out for the mayor's cat, Ulysses! He has to be around here somewhere.

We Are One

The only person you need watching your back is…yourself. That's the idea behind We Are One, a "time-bending shooter" from Flat Head Studio. Use time loops to pull off incredibly complex feats of daring with your own past self. Each loop, you create a clone of yourself that does the same action loop after loop—allowing you to go from taking down one evil robot (and then dying) to taking down an army of robots at the same time and making it out alive. Or making it out alive, times six. Expect new twists and challenges to crop up as you make your way through the campaign—but don't stress. You can compete with others around the world to top the online leaderboards, but you can also focus on creating elegant trick shots worthy of a highlight reel, or just stumble through and breathe a sigh of relief. Any approach is valid.

We Recap Everything Shown At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
Credit: Resolution Games

Demeo Battles

Build your army, hone your tactics, and rise to the top in Demeo Battles, an all-new game of speedy, competitive, PvP strategy from Resolution Games. Demeo Battles pits players against each other in 1v1 or 2v2 turn-based bouts. Choose your champion, build a brigade of monstrous minions, and enter the fantasy fight for survival in the arena. Just be sure you don't get caught in the burn! The next game for the Demeo Action Role Playing System, Demeo Battles is available for wishlisting today in the Meta Quest Store.

Onward – Update 1.11

Tactical shooter Onward is due for another update this summer. Downpour Interactive showed off some of what we can expect today, including two new weapons—the M240L high caliber heavy machine gun and the drum-fed Ultimax 100 light machine gun. Update 1.11 also improves fidelity in several key places, including more realistic movement animations and a more detailed tent environment. And for those who need to get in some practice, both the killhouse and the shooting range will be revamped, with the latter extending out to 600 meters if you want to finesse your long-distance game.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Last year, Mighty Coconut released the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea course for Walkabout Mini Golf, promising that it was just the first of three Jules Verne adaptations the studio had in development. Today we got a brief glimpse at number two, Journey to the Center of the Earth, which features giant dinosaurs and a new flashlight mechanic. And the best news? It's out next week, June 8. Prepare to putt your way into a world hidden deep, deep beneath the surface of our own. They also revealed a new "Evil Lairs" series, which will kick off with Laser Lair in July, featuring a bonus Exploding Kittens-themed foxhunt by Elan Lee, co-creator of the hit card game. And if you want to get in some time on the green outside your headset, they also showed off the Pocket Edition coming to iOS later this summer, which features crossplay with Meta Quest.

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game – Fleet Expansion

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game released in March on Meta Quest 2 + Pro. Today Fast Travel Games revealed the free Fleet Expansion update, which will give players more options as they explore the universe. Two new ships, Iris and Pandora, will open up new tactics in battle—with Pandora's "ramming speed" charge attack looking especially entertaining. There are also myriad smaller changes arriving in this update, including autosave functionality, the ability to run multiple save files, and Relaxed Mode for when you just want to explore the universe in peace.

We Recap Everything Shown At The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
Credit: Squido Studio

Death Game Hotel

Once you achieve victory… what awaits you in the beyond? That's the question posed by Death Game Hotel, the latest game from White Owls, Inc., the studio founded by Deadly Premonition designer SWERY. Like most of SWERY's work, the reveal trailer for Death Game Hotel is a bit weird, a bit disturbing, and a lot intriguing. Play through an intense story mode that will require you to literally gamble with your life, betting not just chips but your actual limbs—with potentially deadly consequences. You'll also be able to take your skills online, playing Goblet of the Reaper and Death Poker with up to five other people from around the world. Keep an eye on your opponents! Their movements might give something away.

Death Game Hotel is available now to wishlist on the Meta Quest Store.

Little Cities – Sandbox Update

Somehow it's already been a full year since Little Cities released on the Meta Quest Platform. That's a whole year of miniature metropolises—and quite a few updates along the way, including Hand Tracking support, monumental Attractions, adorable Little Citizens, and December's Snowy Islands add-on. Today nDreams and Purple Yonder gave us a peek at what's next. The Sandbox Update, coming June 2023, will give you the freedom to create the island(s) of your dreams, ready to host your wildest city creations. Want an archipelago with a bunch of small villages? An island shaped like a thumbs-up? A weird spiral-shaped island where people living on the outer edge need to travel for hours to get to the center? Whatever cozy (or not-so-cozy!) ideas you can come up with, the Little Cities Sandbox Update is there to help.

No More Rainbows

An App Lab hit, Squido Studio's No More Rainbows makes you Warden of the Underworld. Charged with protecting your grim realm, you awake to find it's being invaded—desecrated!—by an army of cute and cheerful beings. You must battle back these intruders. Tear them in half! Throw them off a cliff! Hold them over a grill until they roast like a forgotten marshmallow! (That last one is pretty metal.) Explore and reclaim four unique worlds over the course of the campaign, and make sure everyone knows the underworld is not to be trifled with.

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