We Review Grid Studio Shadowboxes For PlayStation & SNES Controllers

One of the many items we were sent for review this holiday season was a new set of shadowboxes from the tech artistry company Grid Studio. We've previously talked about the company before when they sent us a shadowbox of a Game Boy Color, which still proudly hangs in our hallway, along with a few other gaming-related posters and memories from the past. These are some nifty artistic displays that are geared toward people who love electronics, especially older items, with them having their own line of items dedicated to gaming. We recently were sent two for the SNES and PlayStation controllers for review.

We Review The GRID Shadowboxes For PlayStation & SNES Controllers
Credit: Gavin Sheehan

We'll start with the PlayStation version as we have the original DualShock Controller, which goes all the way back to the original console from 1995. The work on this one is superb as they have taken the display and shown off everything inside, giving a small diagram in the back of how everything was positioned and works. They have taken a controller and dissected it piece by piece and put it on display for you to see the work and precision that went into making something that, while it has changed technically in many ways, still looks almost the same as it did back in the day. One of the cool aspects of this one is seeing the vibrator parts and how they were placed to give it that classic feeling to many games when you achieved certain things.

The look of the PlayStation controller is iconic, but if you had to think of one that was even more recognizable, you can't go wrong with the one Nintendo created for the Super Nintendo. Kind of ironic we got these two together from Grid, as the PlayStation was meant to be the next evolution for Nintendo until the two companies couldn't see eye-to-eye. The SNES controller is a little more simplistic in its design, but that doesn't make this display any less worthy of examination or mounting.

We Review The GRID Shadowboxes For PlayStation & SNES Controllers
Credit: Gavin Sheehan

As you can see from the images here, the SNES version is pretty basic, as they have a fully constructed controller on display. With the exception of the L and R buttons on the top, which have been removed to give you a better look at them from a top-down perspective. We're guessing this display was done this way because, unlike the PlayStation controller, the SNES controller doesn't have as many parts and wouldn't make for as grand of a display as the previous one. But Grid did something a little extra for this one as they have some display information in the background, containing the history of the controller as well as a small diorama of characters off to the side. A few of the animations are weird, such as the appearances of Donkey Kong and Link, but we're guessing that comes down more to copyright issues.

Both of these are pretty cool looking, and Grid did an amazing job of making these for gamers who want to have an artistic representation of their passion in their homes beyond just mounting a Final Fantasy poster on their wall. As of when we're writing this, they are currently selling them at 40% off on their website as part of their holiday sale. If you're looking to snag something a little different for a gamer who also loves to collect, these make a decent option.

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