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We Review The GRID Shadowboxes For PlayStation & SNES Controllers
We recently were sent two for the SNES and PlayStation controllers for review. Credit: Gavin Sheehan We'll start with the PlayStation version as we have the original DualShock Controller, which goes all the way back to the original console from 1995 The work on this one is superb as they have taken the display and shown off[...]
Nintendo Switch Online Adds Three New NES & SNES Titles For July 2022
The three games you're getting are Kirby's Avalanche and Fighter's History for the SNES, and Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia for the NES Starting with Kirby's Avalanche, this is a dro-down puzzler that was primarily made for Western markets and is basically the first time you see Kirby speak words in any game Which[...]
Three SNES Adventure Titles Are Coming To Nintendo Switch Online
For this set, we're only getting three games, and all of them are SNES titles They are the animal putty game Claymates, the European-only release Jelly Boy, which is a puzzle-platformer that will now be available for the first time in the U.S., and the strategic puzzle game Bombuzal there are no NES titles in the[...]
Chip's Challenge Soon Out For SNES And Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Pre-orders for the game can be found here. A screenshot of a puzzle level from indie publisher The Retro Room Games' version of Chip's Challenge, out soon for SNES and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive consoles. This is a classic game that many people no doubt remember playing on their old Windows PC Some of the puzzle levels are quite[...]
Zavvi Has Released An Exclusive The Lion King Legacy SNES Cartridge
Zavvi revealed today that they have released an exclusive Legacy SNES cartridge of the classic 1994 game The Lion King This is a complete remake of what players would have gotten back in the '90s, with its own special artwork and branding for their collection The game is totally compatible with US SNES and exclusive[...]
Four Retro Action Titles Are Coming To Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo revealed this evening that four more games are coming to the NES and SNES libraries of Nintendo Switch Online Three of those games go into the SNES library which will be Psycho Dream, DOOMSDAY WARRIOR, and Prehistorik Man, while the NES is getting Fire 'n Ice Two of them being action titles with a[...]
Nintendo Switch Online Will Get Two New SNES Titles That Were Japan-Exclusives
Nintendo appears to be giving Nintendo Switch Online owners a pair of SNES games that are making their official U.S debut this month First off, the NES and SNES libraries will be getting two games a piece, for a total of four games added to the subscription The NES games are a pair of titles[...]
The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold The SNES In Lifetime Sales
A new milestone for the Nintendo Switch as the console overtook the SNES in lifetime sales, primarily from units sold over the 2019 holiday season Nintendo released their quarterly earnings report on Thursday, showing how the company performed across the board The report shows the Switch has sold 52.48 million units in hardware and 310.65[...]
Nintendo Announces SNES Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo announced this evening that Nintendo Switch Online will be getting a new set of games for the NES and SNES libraries You're getting six games in total across both systems Those games will be Crystalis, Journey To Silius, Star Fox 2, Super Punch-Out!!, Kirby Super Star, and Breath of Fire II Those are some[...]
Nintendo Looking To Expand Nintendo Switch Online's Services
Apparently, the addition of the SNES library to Nintendo Switch Online will come with a drawback, in the form of the NES library slowing down Ever since it was introduced last year, the company has been pretty consistent when it comes to adding new retro titles to the NES library on the service Each month[...]
Nintendo Announces SNES Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo finally released the news we knew about for nearly two years, in which SNES games will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online The library will actually launch tomorrow, September 5th, with a brand new update to the subscription service It will have 20 SNES games to start with, all of which will be available[...]
Nintendo Looking To Expand Nintendo Switch Online's Services
It looks like we'll finally bet getting SNES games on Nintendo Switch Online, according to some paperwork from a new FCC filing this week For over a year we've been waiting for the company to make this announcement ever since hackers found SNES ROMs on the Switch for what they assumed was a test And[...]
Paladone is Selling a Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past Alarm Clock
As the video below shows you, it keeps the time and date and has an alarm feature, but the clock will play sound effects from the classic SNES entry from the series as your alarm You can currently pre-order the Triforce Alarm Clock on their website for $35, which will be released in December 2019.[...]
Are Nintendo About to Launch an SNES Switch App for Online?
If you believe the latest rumors coming out of Twitter today, it looks like Nintendo is about to launch an SNES emulator on their Online service Reddit and a couple other media outlets picked up on a pair of Twitter posts by dataminers who have apparently been breaking into their Nintendo Switch, claiming that they're seeing[...]
Opinion: SimCity on NES Was a Lost Opportunity
Despite footage and screenshots of both versions reaching gaming journalists including Nintendo's in-house publication, Nintendo Power at Winter CES 1991, Nintendo only released the SNES version while cancelling the NES version. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: SimCity SNES Dr Wright Animation Showcase ( The game was thought to be lost as only prototypes were[...]
Little Medusa Released as a Cartridge Game for SNES and Genesis
The game itself is a classic dungeon crawler where you play a kid version of the Greek villain who could turn objects to stone that looked at her, as you'll make your way through levels filled with enemies who become stone weapons for you. But the twist to the game is that it's being sold as an[...]
Return of Double Dragon is Getting a Physical SNES Release
The game was only released in Japan in 1992 for the SNES, and while we got a watered-down westernized version of the game in the form of Super Double Dragon, the original cartridge version never made it's way to Europe or North America We eventually did see the original when Arc System Works snagged the[...]
Fork Parker's Crunch Out is Finally Being Released on SNES
Devolver Digital made the announcement this weekend that they will finally be releasing Fork Parker's Crunch Out in partnership with Mega Cat Studios and Take This for an SNES version complete with cartridge and box art The game basically focuses on the life of being a game developer and how your projects often end up in[...]
nintendo bloomingdale's
Fandom is taking more of a hold in fashion, and Bloomingdale's is the next source of a Nintendo-themed spring line of items.  The collection is titled "Let's Play" and features recognizable characters and items from some classic Nintendo SNES titles like Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and more. The spring collection will apparently consist[...]
A New Super Mario World Speed Record Trounces The Game In Under 60 Seconds
There have been plenty of speedrunners for Super Mario World on the SNES that do it in amazing fashion We especially love the one where the guy does it blindfolded with style points for finding a new way to kill Bowser that people don't think about But the latest record that has officially been recorded[...]
SNES Classic Hot List
Nintendo has announced that the SNES Classic Edition has surpassed 4 million sales. For a while there, the SNES Classic was seemingly impossible to find The fairly cheap nostalgia trip was a huge seller and much like the NES Mini, it never quite matched up to the massive demand While Nintendo has seemingly caught up and[...]
SNES Classic 1
SNES Classic comes hot on the heels today after last years mega-popular NES classic What basically boiled down to a emulator in a mini-Nintendo house caused quite the stir — sell-outs, ridiculous prices on the after-market, and angry customers demanding that Nintendo answer for making such a short supply While they are in fact making[...]