We Tried Powerwash Simulator On Xbox At Summer Game Fest Play Days

One of the more relaxing parts of Summer Game Fest Play Days was us getting to play Powerwash Simulator on Xbox. Square Enix and Futurlab revealed that they will be releasing the final version of the game for PC on July 14th, 2022, and with it will come the official Console Edition of the game that will be available on Xbox systems. But how exactly did this version rank up there with what's already out on PC? We kicked back for a half-hour with a dev to shoot the breeze and wash everything in sight.

We Tried Powerwash Simulator On Xbox At Summer Game Fest Play Days
Credit: Square Enix

The short version to all of what we're about to talk about is that there's really no major difference in how the PC version plays and how the consoles one plays. What you are getting is some streamlined differences that have a give and take. First off, to access all of the different nozzels and soaps, you simply pres sin with the thumbstick and use a rotating menu, just like you would on PC with the mouse to select, only a little more convenient. Aiming is a little slower, but that's fine by us considering how many times on PC we had to go back and respray something because it didn't get every little spot you can't see with the human eye. It also feels a lot more objective-based when you clean each section, and while you still have the percentages, you're more focused on doing the job than just staring at the number in the corner.

It was fun just kicking back and washing the playground level in Powerwash Simulator, I don't really have any complaints about the Xbox version of the game. Just a desire to get more levels to play on. Which hopefully will be happening more frequently after the full version of the game comes out for PC and Xbox on July 14th, 2022.

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