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Werewolves Are Coming To The Sims 4 In A Few Weeks

Electronic Arts and Maxis revealed a new DLC pack coming to The Sims 4 soon as you'll be able to howl with delight at the Werewolves Game Pack. Now you too can bring out that inner wolf when the moon is full in the game, as you tap into your animalistic nature and become a member of the pack. You'll be able to create a werewolf version of your characters, transform at night, and become a part of one of two different packs who happen to be living in the same area. Will you fight against something that you didn't have a choice in becoming after being bitten one night, or fully embrace what you have become and make it a part of your life? You can check out the latest trailer for it below and read more at the link above as the DLC will go live on June 16th for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation for $20.

Werewolves Are Coming To The Sims 4 In A Few Weeks
Credit: Electronic Arts

A werewolf can be many things – fierce, playful, dramatic, cuddly – the list goes on! In The Sims 4, werewolves come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and themes. In Create a Sim, you can fully customize your werewolf to tell the story you want. All werewolves start with a beast and a Sim form that are linked, providing parity and matching up changes to body shape, clothes, and facial features to the other form. But that's not to say that you can't create a beast of your very own! Unlink the forms and make them as distinct as you'd like! Whichever direction you take, edit their face structure, ears, eyes, tufts, and more! Paint on menacing scars to tell the story of a dramatic fight between opposing pack members or cover them in silly jellyfish; you have full control over your beast form's pelt, so create one that's as traditional or as wildly unexpected as you are!

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