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The Sims 4 To Release Grunge Revival & Book Nook Kits On Thursday
While the second will provide more book options for your homes.  We got more details on both, which came from their latest blog post, as they will both drop tomorrow morning for $10 a pop. Credit: Electronic Arts Grunge Revival Explore nonconforming grunge-inspired styles and make them your own with The Sims 4 Grunge Revival Kit[...]
The Sims 4 Is Allowing You To Vote On Two New Kits
Electronic Arts and Maxis have launched a new voting campaign for The Sims 4 in which you will decide what two new kits come to the game The developers have decided to put the power in your hands as to what will be added to the game next, as there are two clothing kits to[...]
The Sims 4 Reveals Two New Kits Coming April 20th
Electronic Arts and Maxis have revealed two new kits coming to The Sims 4, both of which are set to release on April 20th The two kits are the Greenhouse Haven Kit and Basement Treasures Kit, which will provide players with different chances to expand what their Sims do with some well-loved spaces that are[...]
The Sims 4 Unveils Growing Together Expansion Pack
Electronic Arts and Maxis decided t show off a little more content this week for The Sims 4's new Growing Together Expansion Pack on the way The latest trailer highlights a number of options that you wouldn't have had before as they take a closer look at the test family they've called the Michaelsons This[...]
The Sims 4 Unveils Growing Together Expansion Pack
Electronic Arts and Maxis have revealed details t the new expansion pack coming to The Sims 4 as the Growing Together Expansion Pack is on the way The pack will basically give you more options to have your Sims start up a family with more in-depth gameplay when you have kids an infants, more interactions[...]
The Sims 4 Reveals New Simtimates Collection & Bathroom Clutter Kit
Electronic Arts and Maxis revealed two new DLC packs coming to The Sims 4 with the Simtimates Collection and the Bathroom Clutter Kit First off, you can take your characters to new heights of relationships in a special collection of fun and flirty contemporary loungewear This includes lace, straps, and silhouettes, as well as a[...]
The Sims 4 Reveals The Pastel Pop Kit & Everyday Clutter Kit
Electronic Arts and Maxis revealed two new kits coming to The Sims 4 with the Pastel Pop Kit and the Everyday Clutter Kit Both of these kits will be arriving for the game together on November 10th, offering up different decoration styles that will help create a new vibe for your home While they did[...]
The Primary Base Game Of The Sims 4 Is Going Free In October
Electronic Arts made a stunning announcement today as the base game of The Sims 4 will be free for all this October This will essentially mark a new era for the game as anyone who wishes to play it can jump into it immediately and start creating their own characters and homes like you normally[...]
The Sims 4 Announces New Sexual Orientation Feature
Electronic Arts have introduced a brand new addition into The Sims 4 as the team has added a Sexual Orientation feature Revealed during a special livestream event, which you can check the video for it below, this will be a free update for all players that will allow you to decide the sexual orientation of[...]
The Sims 4 To Add High School Years Expansion Pack In Late July
The Sims 4 is taking you back to your awkward phase as they will be releasing the High School Years expansion pack in late July This new pack will take you to Copperdale High where all of the interactions and content os centered around your teen Sims' They will be participating in everything that makes[...]
Werewolves Are Coming To The Sims 4 In A Few Weeks
Electronic Arts and Maxis revealed a new DLC pack coming to The Sims 4 soon as you'll be able to howl with delight at the Werewolves Game Pack Now you too can bring out that inner wolf when the moon is full in the game, as you tap into your animalistic nature and become a[...]
The Sims 4 Introduces New Customizable Pronouns Feature
Electronic Arts announced a new addition to The Sims 4 as the developers have included new customizable pronouns for your characters Now it doesn't matter how you identify, or how your character identifies, you can now set up how you'd like them to be addressed inside a new menu within the character creation system The[...]
The Sims 4 Unveils Moonlight Chic Kit & Little Campers Kit
Electronic Arts revealed two new additions coming to The Sims 4 as players will be able to get the Moonlight Chic Kit and the Little Campers Kit Each one offers a little something different for the game as the first will give you options that you need to look snazzy for a night out with[...]
The Sims 4 Launches New Neighborhood Stories System Content
Electronic Arts and Maxis have released a new update for The Sims 4 as they have now included the new Neighborhood Stories System The concept behind this is to bring more life to the surrounding areas outside your one home and the neighborhood its in In essence, they're trying to create more world-building and get[...]
The Sims 4 Announces My Wedding Stories Game Pack
Electronic Arts has sent out the invitations for the latest expansion to The Sims 4 with the My Wedding Stories Game Pack, coming out next week For those of you who want to plan a wedding without actually spending thousands of dollars on a wedding, this is the content for you as you can do[...]
The Sims Partners With Stefan Cooke For New Fashion
Electronic Arts have partnered with fashion designer Stefan Cooke to bring about a new line of fashion within The Sims 4 Every now and then, EA and Maxis will partner with different fashion designers to bring about some new looks to the game, and this one is no different as they have created what is[...]
The Sims 4 Reveals Blooming Rooms Kit Coming Next Week
Electronic Arts revealed a new addition coming to The Sims 4 next week as players will have a chance to get the Blooming Rooms Kit This is essentially the kit to get if you're into having a ton of plants and have become one of those people who needs a greenhouse in your home Now[...]
The Sims 4 Announces Sims Sessions In-Game Music Festival
Electronic Arts revealed today that The Sims 4 will be throwing a special in-game music festival this summer called Sims Sessions Much like you saw in Fortnite last summer, the game will be holding a special concert with an in-game stage to open the virtual show, happening from June 29th-July 7th We have mroe of[...]
Electronic Arts Launches The Sims 4: Cottage Living Expansion
Electronic Arts have revealed the next expansion pack coming to The Sims 4 as players will be headed to the countryside for some Cottage Living Set to be released on July 22nd, you can head off to live in the idyllic town of Henford-On-Bagley for a change of pace and scenery Essentially, living in a[...]
The Sims 4 Announces Dream Home Decorator DLC
Electronic Arts revealed yet another DLC pack this morning for The Sims 4 as players will be getting a Dream Home Decorator This particular DLC will transform you from being just a person living in a home you decorate for yourself to a person decorating for others You'll get to go around and help make[...]
The Sims 4 Will Release The Courtyard Oasis Kit Next Week
Electronic Arts have released info on a brand new kit coming to The Sims 4 as players can experience the Courtyard Oasis Technically, players have known about this kit for a while now as it was leaked a week ago through it being posted on a couple of websites in advance before being deleted from[...]
The Sims Celebrates Its 21st Birthday With Several In-Game Items
Starting now, you can unwrap 21 new presents in The Sims 4, designed by your fellow players! Ahead, we're digging into the stories behind the creations, so grab a Simsmapolitan and let's party on! Find all the new creations in the game now! And don't forget to give your fellow players a shout-out for their[...]
The Sims 4 Receives A New Paranormal Stuff Pack
Electronic Arts revealed a brand new content pack coming to The Sims 4 as players will get spooky with the Paranormal Stuff Pack This is about as all-things haunting as it gets for the game as you'll be dealing with ghosts and other monovalent spirits as you deal with them from beyond the grave Use[...]
The Sims 4 Announces Snowy Escape Expansion Pack
Electronic Arts revealed this week that The Sims 4 will be headed to the hills for a bit of winter with the Snowy Escape expansion pack Being the tenth pack to come out for the game, it will take players to the majestic and serene world of Mt Komorebi, a Japanese-inspired world where you can[...]
The Sims 4 Reveals Star Wars: Journey To Batuu Game Pack
Electronic Arts revealed a new pack is coming to The Sims 4 as they will be releasing the Star Wars: Journey To Batuu Game Pack Inspired by Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland and Disney World, you will leave your home and travel to the Outer Rim location of Batuu There you will experience the sights and[...]
The A New Glitch In The Sims 4 Where You Urinate Fire
There's a brand new glitch in the latest expansion for The Sims 4 that allows you to urinate fire and no one wants it to be fixed! This week, Electronic Arts released a brand new expansion into the game called Eco Lifestyle that basically allows you to take a more environmentally-friendly approach to how you[...]
The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle-4
If you're looking for a greener lifestyle in The Sims 4, you're in luck as the new New Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack is coming in June This expansion is pretty much everything you might expect as you'll be put into the evolving city of Evergreen Harbor You now have several choices and way of going[...]
Live Your Tiny Best Life with the "The Sims 4: Tiny Living" Stuff Pack
Credit: Electronic Arts Have you ever been playing The Sims 4 and thought that maybe, just maybe, adding tiny houses might make it better? Apparently, that's what EA believes, as it's adding a new Tiny Living Stuff Pack to its collection of content The tiny homes in question will take up only about 100 tiles or less,[...]
"The Sims 4: Discover University" Officially Debuts This November
Credit: Electronic Arts Electronic Arts' latest expansion for The Sims 4 was leaked a bit early That didn't stop The Sims' team from an official unveiling, however The Sims 4: Discover University is finally here, and it's hitting PC and Mac next month It'll follow up with console versions in December. Discover University will let players take[...]
"The Sims 4" Will Apparently Be Headed To College Next
It appears the next expansion for The Sims 4 will be headed down more of an educational route when it eventually comes out So far the developers have given the game a lot of expansions that focus on your life at work, at home, during holidays, on vacation, and more But this time around, they're[...]