What Can Pokémon GO Do To Improve GO Battle League In 2022?

GO Battle League is at an interesting place in Pokémon GO. This PVP platform has its hardcore players who often take issue with the constant glitches, but still remain dedicated to their gameplay. However, it is very common for Pokémon GO trainers to be hardcore about every aspect of the game except GO Battle League. This is definitely something that Niantic can work to fix, though, as GO Battle League is a good idea with actually somewhat decent execution. It fails to offer incentive to those who don't like the competitive aspect, but there are ways to change that. Here is how Niantic can fix Pokémon GO Battle League in 2022.

Pokémon GO logo. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO logo. Credit: Niantic
  • More interesting Cups: Niantic keeps things somewhat standard with Great League, Ultra League, Master League, Premier versions of those leagues, Premier Classic versions of those leagues, and themed cups. Offering more cups at once with greater variety would definitely create a more dynamic landscape of PVP.
  • Better reward incentives: This is the biggest one for me. There is a huge section of players that will only battle for incentive. Right now, with the exception of a handful of Pokémon, the encounter rewards are and have been terrible. Niantic should increase the number of encounters you can earn per battle set and dramatically improve the encounters. People will see a battle very much how they see a raid, and encountering a common species after they win is going to always feel bogus to them. While some PVPers will see the battle itself as the fun, there is a huge portion that never will until they get deeper into it.
  • GO Battle Days focusing on single Pokémon: Days like this, which previously featured Marill and Pidgey with increased Shiny rates, were huge incentives for people to play. General GO Battle Days where you get more sets? Not even a little! Going back to the way it was before and increasing the frequency of this event would reach casual Pokémon GO players.
  • Listen to the existing players: In addition to reaching inactive PVPers, Niantic should listen to the problems constantly mentioned by active players. Glitches can drive players away, so hopefully, Pokémon GO developers key into this criticism.

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