Wolfenstein: The New Order Sequel Teased By Voice Actor

A lot of people were expecting to hear about a new Wolfenstein at E3, but alas, it was never meant to be. However, there was one hint. There was a DOS boot up graphic just before their press conference showing a bunch of Bethesda releases. There was one name on there, 'New Colossus', which was unrecognisable and didn't have a date.

Take a look:


Well, Brian Bloom, who plays franchise protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz has referenced that tease in a recent interview with TwoLeftSticks, and gone on to hint a sequel once again. Referencing the tease, he said:

If you look at Bethesda's E3 2016 lineup there was a title hinted at in a cool way. It sparked a bit of wildfire. That subtle, very simple DOS language, going through the titles. Perhaps we're working on that as we speak.

I think a new Wolfenstein is a 'when', not 'if' situation, but it is nice to know that E3 tease was almost certainly referencing a new game in the series. I reckon we will hear from it before too long too.