World War Z Finally Adds Full PvE Crossplay On All Editions

Some cool news for World War Z fans as Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive revealed a few new additions to the game. The biggest addition to what is being called the Dronemaster Update is the fact that PvE Crossplay is now available across PC and all console versions of the game. So you and your friends can team up as a group no matter what system you're playing on. The devs also threw in some goodies for the update including a new character class and weapon for you to have fun with. We got the details from the devs here along with their guided trailer to talk you through it.

"World War Z" Receives The "Six Skulls" Update With New Content
Credit: Focus Home Interactive

The New, Versatile Dronemaster Class

World War Z has also released its first new playable class since it launched last year: the Dronemaster. This highly versatile character comes with its own personal drone which stuns zombies when they get too close for comfort. You can customize your drone in the perk tree to suit your play style and squad comp: increase its offensive capabilities to make it more lethal in an assault, or raise its defensive powers to better support your team.

A New Mini Grenade Launcher With Its Full Upgrade Tree

In addition, today's update features a new rare weapon pick-up with its own upgrade tree for your armory: the ACW-20. This low-caliber, semi-automatic grenade launcher is perfect for mopping up tightly packed groups, but watch out for friendly fire! There's also a variety of new weapon upgrades, perk rebalancing, fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

The Last Weapon Skin Pack Included In The World War Z GOTY Edition

Finally, players can grab World War Z's latest premium DLC today: the "Signature Weapons Pack," which includes four unique weapon skins for the game's main characters. This DLC is free for Season Pass and GOTY Edition owners. It is also available for standalone purchase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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