Wreck-It Ralph is Quietly Invading Fortnite

Wreck-it Ralph has started to show up in Fortnite fuelling speculation a big crossover event might be on the way.

Wreck-It Ralph is Quietly Invading Fortnite

Wreck-it Ralph is on a lot of lips at the moment. The Disney character has a new movie out, Wreck-it Ralph Invades the Internet, and it's going over pretty well. The character's second film has him breaking out of the world of the arcade and taking a trip across the information superhighway. With a concept like that, you can imagine there are some real opportunities for viral marketing, and Ralph turning up where he shouldn't.

Well, we've begun to see that in the world of games as the character is currently making a small appearance in Fortnite. This doesn't appear to be widespread, but one streamer, MozzzyyTwitch, noticed the character fly by the screen at Risky Reels. It was very brief, a blink and you'll miss it deal, but the video clearly shows Ralph running by the ensuing match. You can see it here.

It's hard to know what this means. This could just be a fun ploy to get the internet talking about the character with the movie coming up. The fact he is only been seen by a few people is interesting too. The real question now is, is this it? Or can we expect a full-blown event, a la the Thanos event that ran in the first half of the year. Fortnite apparently has a part to play in the upcoming movie so I wouldn't rule that out at all.

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