'20th Century Women' Studio A24 Donating Box Office Sales This Weekend To Planned Parenthood


That's right – the studio which brought us the late 70's coming of age drama, 20th Century Women, will be donating a portion of the ticket sales from the movie's opening weekend to Planned Parenthood. A24 pledged at least 5% of the revenue will be donated directly to the organization. The plan was actually announced earlier in the week, before the advent of the massive marches had unfolded this weekend, but now film's support of the embattled organization is definitely timely.

A24 told CNN:

In honor of everyone who sees the film this weekend, we will be making a donation to our friends at Planned Parenthood, who generously worked with Mike Mills during the writing and pre-production of '20th Century Women' to ensure this important period of women's reproductive rights was portrayed accurately

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood released a video where she said, "Mike [Mills] has done a fabulous job in this film of covering real women's stories in a way that is accessible and actually generates conversations."
Mills said in a separate statement:
The people at Planned Parenthood were so helpful to me with the writing and pre-production of 20th Century Women. They connected me with people who worked in PP offices in the '70s to make sure every aspect of my scenes was correct, from the language counselors used to the very particular decor and dress of the people in those offices, to the overarching philosophy and attitude of the women who worked there. It was very important to me that we capture this moment in women's reproductive rights accurately and they were so generous and helpful to me.
We'd reviewed Women last week (giving it a 9 out of 10), and during the film a pair of the character arcs involve their having to make trips to Planned Parenthood clinics.  It's a really strong film, and now there's even more of a reason to go and see it this weekend (or better yet, make it a double feature with Hidden Figures).

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