AJ Styles Takes On The Demon King

Due to a bacterial infection, Bray Wyatt was unable to go against his long time rival, Finn Balor. In his place was AJ Styles, who came over from SmackDown to fill the void Wyatt left. Styles is an amazing wrestler, and as we all know, I'm in love with Balor. So needless to say, this was going to be one hell of a match.

This was indeed a dream match, and I was ready for it.

The two are evenly matched, but before tonight, they had never gone head to head in the ring. Both are used to flying through the ring, dropping themselves onto their opponents, and they both can take a beating. And a beating they both took.

No one really had the upper hand at any point in this match — it was a constant fight. Balor seemed rather reserved at first, perhaps out of respect — but once Styles got going, Balor had to keep up. Balor and Styles were fantastic at constantly breaking leg locks, and their counter moves were unbelievable. This was absolutely nothing but a match for the fans, and I'm frankly upset that it won't happen more often. The two would not work as rivals — they clearly hold each other in high regard. But man, one can dream.

In the end, Balor took the win, but it was a hard-fought one. Styles didn't seem to bothered by the loss, and the two left the ring as they entered — as two amazing performers.

As far as Wyatt, I certainly hope he gets better soon. We all want to see Sister Abigail go against the Demon King, though it looks like we'll have to wait for the next pay per view, as the Demon seems to be a PPV-only contender.

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