And Finally… Zombie Repellent Soap From A Silver Lake Food & Urban Farming Shop

Fear the Walking Dead is set in Silver Lake in LA, as viewers may have noted. The local King's Roost Silverlake's DIY food and urban farming store is having some gruesome fun with that concept by introducing a new soap, "Zombie Repellent", to help the neighborhood in its time of need. How civic-minded of them.

King's Roost (1)King's Roost owner Roe Sie says:

Here at The King's Roost in Silverlake, we're all about DIY and self-sufficiency. We sell DIY Kits of all kinds, teach workshops and provide the inspiration to learn a new skill. whether it's making your own beer, raising chickens, building an aquaponics system or milling your own flour or even crafting your own soap. You never know when one of those skills can save your life.

Now that the zombie apocalypse has reached Silverlake we want our customers to be prepared. We are pleased to announce our limited edition zombie repellent soap that smells as green as the zombies hungering for your brains.

The soap isn't actually affiliated with the show, it's just one company's way of saying they, too, Fear the Walking Dead.

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