Be Careful What You Write In The Death Note

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Be Careful What You Write In The Death Note
You may know Death Note from its manga, anime, and or live action Japanese movie. However Netflix hopes that you'll want to watch an American feature film adaptation from acclaimed horror director Adam Wingard.
You're probably wondering why Wingard would take this risk knowing that most live action animes have been lackluster and not highly regarded. That's exactly why he decided to do this movie. He loved the source material and had a unique spin on it. Netflix loved his premise. Plus they weren't afraid to mess things up because they had the creator of the manga on their side. He was approving things every step of the way.
They screened a clip of the movie in which Light first discovers the death note and meets Ryuk. It takes place in a high school classroom. The room gets destroyed when Ryuk appears. At first Light is afraid of the spooky specter but he warms up to it rather quickly.
Ryuk has Light look out the window. Light sees a bully tormenting an innocent girl. Ryuk tells Light to write the bully's name in the death note. Light is hesitant at first but Ryuk cons him into it. Ryuk doesn't stop there he convenes Light to write how the bully should die.
It was a dynamic scene.  It was intense,  dark,  twisted, & oddly hilarious at times. Needless to say when the scene ended the audience was moaning because they wanted more. Luckily the movie will premiere on Netflix on August 25th.
Be Careful What You Write In The Death Note

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