Anya Taylor-Joy And Director Robert Eggers Sign On For 'Nosferatu' Remake

After they both scared the pants off of us in The Witch back in 2015, Anya Taylor-Joy is looking to team up with Robert Eggers again for the remake of Nosferatu, according to Variety.

Anya Taylor-Joy And Director Robert Eggers Sign On For 'Nosferatu' Remake

Eggers is writing and directing the movie based on the 1922 silent film that followed the vampire Count Orlock. He wants to buy a house in Germany, but becomes enamored of the real-estate agent's wife. It was an unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Werner Herzog directed a 1979 remake.

Eggers has already signed a deal with Studio 9 and is attached to direct The Knight for the studio. He's wanted to re-team with Taylor-Joy since The Witch, but after Split and how well The Witch ended up doing, her scheduled filled up quickly, according to the report. She is currently filming the X-Men movie New Mutants and is signed on to re-appear in the Split/Unbreakable sequel Glass.

Chris Columbus and Eleanor Columbus will produce the movie for Studio 8.

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