All the Best Nostalgia from Last Night's WWE Royal Rumble Part 3 (Ric Flair Bonus Edition)

Many fans of professional wrestling appreciate the in-ring action, the soap opera style drama, or even the backstage gossip, but one of the most important aspects of the sport is its enormous potential for nostalgia. Other sports can trot out retired players for a cheer from the crowd, but pro wrestling scripted nature ensures that its living legends can actually get in the ring and compete with the current generation of stars. When done right, the use of nostalgia in wrestling can channel the powerful emotion of decades of memories into a single match. Last night at the Royal Rumble, WWE did it right.

Earlier today, we looked at the nostalgia of both the men's Royal Rumble match and the women's Royal Rumble match, but there was one more Royal Rumble that took place last night which ended with one of the most nostalgic moments of all.

We're talking about the Colonel Rumble, a special event held to crown the next WWE KFC Colonel.

As you may have noticed, the match was won by Ric Flair, who came out as the surprise final entrant, in an homage to his 1992 Royal Rumble victory, in which he eliminated Sid Justice after Justice eliminated Hulk Hogan.

Flair, who suffered a health scare in 2017, is always a welcome sight back in WWE in any capacity, and we hope to see him many more times in the future.

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