Bloodstained Finished Its KickStarter Campaign Reaching Over $5.5 Million

Yesterday I brought you news that Koji Igarashi, Catslevania: Symphony of the Night creator's new game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night had become the most successful video game Kickstarter in history. It's a huge achievement and shows that the desire for 2D Castlevania type games is very much alive.

Well, the Kickstarter's campaign has now ended and reached the grand total $$5,545,991. The game more or less made several hundred thousand in its last day, which is fantastic. This also doesn't account for the money the project made through Paypal, so that figure is by no means all of the money raised.

Bloodstained also hit all of its stretch goals meaning that there should be a lot of cool rewards to those of you who backed it, as well as benefits for those who are going to pick up the title later.

Take a look at those here:


I wish the team the best with this game. I hope the developers truly get to make the game they want with the freedom of independence this crowd funding drive has given them. I expect big things!

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