Britt's Film Corner: 10 Underrated Cult Classic Horror Films To Watch

I have gathered a list of underrated cult classic horror films that you should watch right away. With so many good (and not so great) options to choose from, the horror genre can get messy and confusing when selecting something fresh for a longtime fan. Not every selection may be for you, but something in there could be, so give it a whirl and find a favorite new scary thrill.

Britt's Film Corner: 10 Underrated Cult Classic Horror Films To Watch
Horror film, Hell House LLC. Source: Cognetti Films

Hell House LLC (2015): I found this film one night while browsing on Amazon Prime Video, clicked on it, and was insanely impressed with what I watched. For found footage style films, this one, directed by Stephen Cognetti, is fantastic and full of effective & frightening moments.

The Devil's Carnival (2012): Lost souls enter a carnival, forced to come face to face with the variety of sins they've committed in their lives. Full of absurd musical moments & acting, this film, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, is worth the viewing.

The Banana Splits Movie (2019): Directed by Danishka Esterhazy, this horror film reminds me why it may be perfectly fine for me to still have a fear of animatronics and costumed characters tucked in the back of my mind. This movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and I love it like that.

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008): For the first few times I watched this movie, I became confused as to why some people love it so much. Nowadays, the style and music have grown on me, and I have come to love this Darren Lynn Bousman horror rock opera.

Color Out Of Space (2019): For whatever in the hell happened with the movie Island of Dr. MoreauRichard Stanley made up for it with this film, inspired by stories by H.P. Lovecraft. Also, the visuals are insane/amazing, and it stars Nicholas Cage.

Ginger Snaps (2001): Slept on by a good majority for some time, this John Fawcett coming-of-age horror film has a fantastic cast and an excellent connection to the horrors of female puberty and sexuality according to society through the lens of a monster film.

The Final Girls (2015): The mix of horror B-movie love and commentary on tropes make this Todd Strauss-Schulson film both fun and a wild ride as the lead characters get sucked into a camp-themed horror film. Starring big names like Taissa Farmiga and Nina Dobrev, it's not one to miss.

Session 9 (2001): This film came out of nowhere and quickly became a favorite of mine. Surrounding the work of a crew at an old abandoned insane asylum, this cast leads the audience into tense moments of utter terror that only builds as it goes. Directed by Brad Anderson, this one stars big names too, like David Caruso and Josh Lucas.

Prince of Darkness (1987): Not everyone knows about this John Carpenter classic, but they should. Scholars and scientists explore otherworldly slime at an old cathedral; the rest becomes insanity and full of demonic forces. Donald Pleasence and even Alice Cooper star in this personally beloved horror classic.

Night Breed (1990): Oh, Clive Barker and Danny Elfman, how your work freaks me out but also is so incredible! Involving a city of monsters, a sociopath for a psychiatrist, and some fantastic makeup and special effects work, this will become a favorite for those who haven't already seen it.

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