Bruce Campbell Has Decided To Join The Call Of Duty Exo Zombie Pursuit

From what I've seen from afar, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been well supported by DLC since its November launch. A slew of maps have seemingly come out with semi-regular frequency, and the Exo Zombies mode brought together a bunch of big stars for some celebrity undead fun.

New Exo Zombies DLC is on its way and will launch today. It's called 'Carrier' and brings the mode onto a big ship. There is even a zombie shark!

It seems John Malkovich is being substituted for Bruce Campbell too, but I like to hope that Malkovich will remain as an astral narrator to the story like he does in this trailer. That would be excellently silly.

Take a look at it below. This looks like a ton of good old fashioned, xombie killin' fun.