You Can Trade In Your PlayStation 2 At GameStop Again

SONY DSCHave you got a PlayStation 2, a power cable, AV cables and controller sitting around? Well, if you head to GameStop, you can once again trade in your system.

Don't expect a lot though. If you bring all of those components you'll get a whopping $25. If you are missing any though, you will only be getting $20. It's hardly going to buy you that new PlayStation 4, but if you really aren't going to jump back into the PlayStation 2's inexhaustible catalogue again, it could act as a decent discount on a new game.

I'd much prefer to keep mine, as I never know when the TimeSplitters 3 itch will bite, but like I said, I suppose if your not using it anymore, you might as well get something towards it.

You might want to explore Ebay first mind.

Thanks to Polygon for the heads up!

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