Deadpool 2 Brings a Family Touch Back to the X-Men (SPOILER)

It may seem like everyone has seen Deadpool 2 this weekend, but that's not true. And we like to keep things as spoiler-free when discussing such surprises. At least until we can run one of these, at least.

There we okay. Okay then, Deadpool 2.

So we get the Juggernaut again. Fully CGI-realised, he's a lot bigger than Vinnie Jones. That version of the character as seen in X-Men: The Last Stand was recruited by Magneto to the Brotherhood of Mutants and defeated by Kitty Pryde and Leech. Named Cain Marko as in the comics, he was however unrelated to Professor Xavier. The comics had him as American and Xavier's step-brother, in the movie he was just Cain, no more complications were necessary.

That seems to have changed in Deadpool 2, however. It's notable that post-fight, talking with Colossus, Juggernaut mentions that he wears his helmet to protect himself from his brother's psychic powers – and that his brother is in a wheelchair. The familial line appears to have been redrawn.

And since Ryan Reynolds did the voice and face-acting for Juggernaut – his third role in the film – which basically means Ryan Reynolds' is Patrick Stewart's brother. That's what we've concluded and we're going with it.

And as to the Juggernaut appearances comic books that Deadpool references… well they have been selling more on eBay as a result.

Uncanny X-Men #183 has been jumping in value, Thor #11 also doubles as the first appearance of the New Warriors as well and X-Men Unlimited #12 – okay, look, they printed a lot of those, right?

Any chance of a family reunion in X-Force?

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