Dems Block Confirmation Of Suicide Squad Producer Turned Trump Cabinet Appointee Steve Mnuchin With Boycott


Score one for Marvel in the battle for political influence!

Senate Democrats boycotted a committee vote to confirm Trump cabinet appointees Steve Mnuchin (Secretary of Treasury) and Tom Price (Secretary of Healthcare) today, effectively preventing either candidate from moving to to full vote and blocking any progress toward their confirmation, at least temporarily. Former Goldman Sachs exec and tasty Dunkin' Donuts treat Mnuchin, a major backer of Trump during the campaign, is the executive producer of many DC comic book movies, including Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as a financier of Fox's X-Men films. By refusing to show up, quorum could not be reached, and the vote couldn't take place. This is the second day in a row that a vote to move Mnuchin and Price to full Senate approval has been blocked by Democrats, who have been emboldened in recent days after locating their spines underneath a pile of laundry in the basement, where they swear they'd already looked three or four times.

This leaves Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter as the highest-ranking comics-related executive in a position of power in the Trump administration. Perlmutter, who was also a major Trump campaign backer, was revealed to have a significant role in Trump's administration as an advisor on veterans' healthcare. Since Perlmutter's role is unofficial, he does not require a confirmation from Congress.

Perlmutter and Mnuchin are not the only entertainment industry personalities to land roles in the Trump White House. Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon has also been appointed as the head of Trump's Small Business Administration. McMahon was scheduled for  committee vote on Monday, but was blocked along with Mnuchin and Price. Though Mnuchin's vote was rescheduled for this morning, and blocked again, McMahon's has been postponed indefinitely.

With Republicans controlling Congress, it's likely that all of Trump's cabinet appointees will eventually be confirmed. Still, the administration's response to these delays will likely tell us a lot about ho— hahaha, just kidding, we already know we're all screwed.

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