DICE: "We Were Scared To Take On Star Wars: Battlefront"


Star Wars: Battlefront is quite possibly going to be the biggest game of the year. That is in part due to its November launch being so close to The Force Awaken's release date, when Star Wars-mania will be at at a fever pitch.

To have a big developer like DICE behind the game is encouraging too. But even for the developer's size, the magnitude of this game very nearly intimidated the developer to turn it down.

Speaking to the Guardian, DICE's Patrick Bach talks about how they wrestled with the decision of turn the game down at first. In the interview, he said:

We knew it would be a cumbersome process – to create what we wanted to create," says Patrick Bach, Dice's general manager. "When we were asked to do this we were really scared. We thought, no, this is too intimidating. And we had enough in our pipeline to be able to say no. But on the other hand, your heart is screaming yes! Because of course you want to make a Star Wars game. We just thought, okay, we'll figure it out as we go.

After going hands on with the game, I'm happy enough with what the developer are doing. They are nothing if not confident in their vision, so, from where I'm sitting it looks like the studio got over their initial cold feet. Now, I just want to see how this all pans out.