Did Aliens Land in New York City, Or is it Something More Mundane?

The New York skyline was lit up this evening with a blue pulsing glow unlike anything this side of the SFX seen in alien invasion film Independence Day. The night sky with it's relatively low solid cloud cover could be seen from more than ten miles away.

Transformer Explosion
Photo by Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante (@KenFerrante)

With the eerie pulsing glow at such a distance, the Twitterverse was quick to jump on a range of suspicions about the source, ranging from a mundane transformer fire.

Other possibilities were also suggested, with some people insisting that other NYC-based exterminators might have had their own power outage leading to a laser containment grid failure.


Other suggestions included energy buildups related to a power attack.

Or a temporal displacement atmospheric effect (which we suspect less-likely given that Terminators only jump into the Los Angeles area)

The kaiju-hunting organization Monarch, dismissed the idea that it was Mothra as it was being tracked via their website along the Florida coast at the same time.

In the end the reason announced by energy company Con Edison was that there had been a "brief electrical fire" at one of their substations.

However that was reported only after a brief visitation on-scene by an unidentified individual who said something to the assembled crowd, but we can't quite remember what it was.

Did Aliens Land in New York City, Or is it Something More Mundane?

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