Latest Shots Of Disneyland's Star Wars Land Construction

Thanks to Fresh Baked Disney and WDW News Today, we have new shots from the Star Wars Land construction inside of Disneyland. It's really anyone's guess as to what's being built, but there's some speculation that it will be the Millennium Falcon ride. We do know the AT-ATs are now being blocked, and it's pretty safe to say that with Disney parks' reputation, this Disneyland extension will look amazing no matter what.

Star Wars Land construction

Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing characters such as Vader and Kylo Ren walking around. Unlike some of the other parks, which now stick to meet and greets to reduce crowds, Disneyland still allows characters to walk around freely (usually without photographers, mind you). I can only imagine the interaction those two characters would have. Would Kylo freak out from meeting his idol? Would Vader be interested in meeting his grandson? I have so many questions that will likely never be answered.

Star Wars Land construction

I've only been to Disneyland once, in 2015. I'll likely go back next year after my Disney World AP expires, since I am genuinely interested in the new land expansions. What are you most looking forward to from the new Disney expansions?

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