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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disneyland- The Falcon is Done!
We'll admit it- the upcoming Star Wars land happening at Disneyland in Anaheim is one of our favorite things to keep an eye on this year The new park is going to be MASSIVE, and while we know some thing about the space (ha, space) such as restaurant plans and new attractions, what we really can't[...]
D23: Disney Is Gifting Us A Star Wars Hotel With Real Droid Butlers
During the Disney Parks panel at D23, Disney's Bob Chapek announced their brand new Star Wars hotel that will be joining the vast array of resorts at the Walt Disney World Orlando location and will be connected to the new Star Wars Land park The resort will be designed as a starship, which means that your guest[...]
D23: Star Wars Land Is Revealed And It Is Glorious And Huge
D23 starts tomorrow, but we already have the first look at one of the most anticipated reveals of the convention: Star Wars Land Since announced and through some construction site photos, we have gotten a sense of what to expect Now, we have a concrete look This model of the Star Wars part of the[...]
Latest Shots Of Disneyland's Star Wars Land Construction
Thanks to Fresh Baked Disney and WDW News Today, we have new shots from the Star Wars Land construction inside of Disneyland It's really anyone's guess as to what's being built, but there's some speculation that it will be the Millennium Falcon ride We do know the AT-ATs are now being blocked, and it's pretty[...]