Doctor Strange's Wong Will Be In Avengers: Infinity War


Doctor Strange is just a few days away (at least for those of us in the the UK), with the mythical side of the MCU opening up a little. Seeing how that affects future films in the series will be quite interesting.

It seems like there will be a constant from that realm popping up in other Avengers films. Channel NewsAsia (via Here Be Geeks) got a quote from Kevin Feige who confrimed the character would defintely by in Infinity War. He said:

It was always our intention to make Wong a very noble character and a very big part of the movie from the beginning. That was the idea for the character. Now with more trailers out, you'll see that (Benedict Wong) is amazing (in Doctor Strange). He also is continuing forward into the Avengers movies as well.

I'm not sure if I have told anybody else that yet. Yes, Wong. Because he's always a very key character for us.

And just for some insurance, ScreenRant got a quote from Benedict Wong saying the same thing:

Yes, so we'll, uh, we'll see him in Infinity War. I'll be…He is. I'm saying he is! I hope that's… Yeah, it is true.

How much, and what purpose Wong holds in future movies is still up in the air, but I wonder if he will end up sticking around The Avengers Head Quarters as some link to the mythic world? That is pure speculation on my part, of course.